Getting to know me is an essential step on our journey together, as we'll share an intimate space built on trust and connection.

First and foremost, I'm a proud mother to a 19-year-old. I am surrounded by an incredibly supportive and affectionate family who share my love for food, pool days, movie nights, and holidays spent together under one roof. My friends and fellowship are also a huge part of who I am, helping me discover more about myself daily. I cherish moments with like-minded people who embody ambition, love, and respect.

My love for travel will take me on many adventures throughout 2024, and I am thrilled about the big changes ahead. I deeply enjoy my photography craft; it takes me to beautiful places, introduces me to amazing people, and lets me witness incredible moments in their lives. I also run a beauty brand, mentor an amazing team, and write and photograph for two local magazines. I am so grateful for this full life. Truly blessed is an understatement, even when considering the lessons and hardships. I know I am on the right path and that I am not alone.

My journey as a photographer spans over 24 years in my home in Northern California. It began in high school in the late '90s and included four years of managing a portrait studio. By the time I turned 19, I was already assisting in photographing weddings back when it was still film. I studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and completed a year in film school online during COVID to add more of my passions to my business. I have had two mentors over the years who have taught me a lot in different areas, plus many role models in my field who inspire me daily. Throughout the years, I've had the privilege of creating portraits for families, businesses, beauty, and boudoir, capturing life's most significant moments. The joy and abundance this work brings me are immeasurable. I often find myself shedding tears of happiness while photographing weddings.

My style has evolved through real-life experiences and the art of storytelling. I infuse an editorial flair with a touch of lifestyle while aiming to capture the emotions that resonate in each frame. I proudly dub myself a "Light and Shadow Chaser."

A few years ago, I ventured into filmmaking, creating captivating films for high school seniors, families, and local businesses. There's magic in the moving parts of a film that always captivates me. These films capture our affection for ourselves, our surroundings, our zest for life, and our bonds with one another.

I genuinely adore what I do. So, let's connect and embark on another creative adventure together. I'm eager to learn about your unique story and how we can document it together.


I love all of Danielle Kinney 's work, and find myself more impressed with every photo. The concepts are always so unique, Which is especially refreshing considering how mundane and "same" most family and wedding photos can be. Some of her lighting choices are so tricky and require SO MUCH talent, but the tone it sets is so intense and authentic. Her work is proof photography is not only an art, but certainly isn't dying. You can't get this on your phone. Worth every penny, every time.

Kelley E.

Danielle photographed a few different sessions for me including a boudoir shoot, my bridal shower, and our wedding. Now maternity and family portraits. She made the process fun, comfortable and easy. I couldn't be more pleased with our pictures. I think Yelp said it best when they said "Woohoo! As good as it gets!"

Shelley + Robert

Such talent & skill May 31, 2018
Danielle is so sweet & genuine . She is a shining light. She absolutely loves what she does and takes pride. She has a natural talent & mixed with experience she has mastered her art. She is very friendly & great at making everyone feel relaxed and look natural. She is good at asking the right questions to pull out your heart's desire to ensure you get the results you are dreaming of. We are so lucky to have found her & will definitely go to her in the future and recommend h

Melissa S.

Tuggin on my heartstrings so early in the morning❤️ I love everything about this❤️ thank you again for everything! You are absolutely amazing!!

Lani S.

Oh my god…. Starfish, these are Incredible!! I can’t thank you enough for capturing the beauty of my daughter and the joy and love that is around her. You are so talented and 1 in 7 billion. Thank you 💕

Erica G.

I had Danielle take some photos several years ago when I was getting back into Real Estate. I have a hard time posing for photos so they look natural, and Danielle made it very fun and easy to get some great natural shots, yet professional. So this year my daughter is graduating from High School and I was trying to decide on a studio for Senior Pics, Danielle tagged me on Facebook and said hello, I do Senior Pics. Silly me! It was the best decision I made. A very up to date, non traditional session that has

Claudia S.